Customer Service and AI – harmonious relationship?

There is a train of thought that with a more progressive move toward the use of Artificial Intelligence in business the need for human interaction in business may become less. But is it a real or perceived fear?

With the increased demand on businesses to respond faster and customers expecting more in short space of time the use of artificial intelligence can be beneficial.

As we look towards the future the real threat of persons losing their jobs to artificial intelligence becomes more apparent. Improved efficiency and eradicating human error, the ability to analyse huge amounts of data and taking care of some of the mundane tasks that plague humans work are all advantages to the inclusion of AI

Personally, I find it quite annoying when a Chat box POPS up inquiring how it can help. For me the personal touch and the need for human interaction and connection is necessary. While I understand and appreciate the need for technological advancement and enhancement there is something about the human element that can never be replaced.

Is this a cause for concern as we trod tumultuously ahead?

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