Customer Service Begins at Home

“Customer training begins at home; served up consistently during the early years of life it is a catalyst towards a good work ethic in the work-space and personal relationships.”

Is customer service something that comes naturally or is it taught? Is it possible that a person’s upbringing can enhance or hinder their provision of excellent service? Some may argue yeah or nay. Our first relationships are established in the home. The way we treat with those we interact with daily, namely our family and friends can mirror the kind of customer service we provide These interactions, once healthy, help to shape the foundation upon which our relationships are built greatly enhance the level of customer service we provide.

We must eat, sleep and breathe Customer Service. It must be a lifestyle, transcending every aspect of our lives not something we do because we want someone to buy our service or product. Customers are human beings first and if we focus on treating them as such by applying the same effort and attention we would to building healthy relationships, the need for intense training and marketing strategies may be less necessary and less costly.

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