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Life Coaching

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Leadership Training

Improve your ability and capacity to lead

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Leadership Training Topics

  • Understanding Leadership and Leadership Assignment
  • Types of Leadership
  • Characteristics of a True Leader
  • Leading You
  • Leading Others
  • The Spirit of Leadership
  • Kingdom Leaders Working as a Team

Transformational Topics

  • You were Born for This!

  • Discovering Your Greatness

  • Manifesting Your Greatness

  • Serving Your Greatness

  • Leaving a Legacy

Leadership Training in Action

Dawn Lovell is a dynamic, Spirit-led speaker with a commitment to excellence. As a facilitator, she is an active listener and a down to earth, candid presenter. Throughout her presentations, one senses her passion for empowerment and persons being transformed from their time with her. She has ignited a spark in our church leaders.

Rev. Dr. Adrian Smith - Senior Pastor, Calvary & Gracehill Moravian Churches

#WCW #Crushing on her today and every day. Because of you, my perspective on life has changed tremendously and I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life. To be honest, I am not positive every day, I don’t do the right things every day and not every day do I have everything figured out but you’ve also taught me that acknowledgment is a gift as not everyone can acknowledge where they have gone wrong, so be easy with myself.

Kimberley Headley